Inter Master (for JAM Stack Hackathon 2k18)

I started my project late the day of the contest. I was studying about the Postgres Database and working of it.

This is a sample working of the Hasura Graph QL engine to connect with postgres Data base.

Flow of GraphQL Engine.

Types of Hasura’s Technology,

  • Using Heroku: Host the Hasura GraphQL engine and Postgres on Heroku’s free tier.
  • Using Docker: Run a local development setup that sets up both the Hasura GraphQL engine and Postgres using Docker.

I have used HTML, CSS, JavaScript for the front end and hasuea’s GraphQL for back end.

The main advantage in using the GraphQL is that the data from the database can be retrieved easily i.e. It can take what ever data we only want.

Start page of my website

My website looks like this and it is designed be me.

Various companies profile will be added here and people can login and find themselves the appropriate company with various filter.

This page is used to register for the resume uploading process. The resume details are got in the website and saved in the postgres database.

That’s all from this project !



My website —, GitHub —

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