JAM Stack Hackathon 2k18

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This is my first time participating a world level hackathon. But interesting fact about this hackathon is we can use any technology

How i got to know about this hackathon??

I have a freecodecamp account, who is hosting this hackathon with partnership of netlify.

How to participate? To pariticipate, I followed these steps..

https://hackathon.freecodecamp.org/ <- using this link, I signed up for the hackathon

Steps over view:

  1. Following should be installed on your computer: NodeJS, Git.
  2. Using NodeJS follow the commands and using git upload your sample site.
  3. Using git now your site will be pushed into github. Netlify will be used to host the site.
  4. Answer few questions in freecodecamp site and provide those links of netlify, github.
  5. Now you are ready !

After few weeks i receieved a mail from “Quincy Larson”, And it was the ticket. Today @ 3:30 am IST Hackthon started.

The main objective of this hackathon is to gain knowledge and know about api’s.

Various companies such as Hasura sponcered the api’s and gave some constraint to solve problem.

I teamed up with my friend and started to work on a project ex. like internshala i.e to provide a internship or provide job from various companies to the students and others in a simple way. We are going to use GraphQL api from “hasura” and connect postgres database.

Hope to finish it soon!!



My website — anushkumar629.netlify.app, GitHub — https://github.com/anush629

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